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Humberto Carvalho, 15/03/21.

In April of this terrible year 2021, seven years of war between Ukraine and the Donestk and Lugansk People's Republics in the Donbass region are completed.

Donbass is an energy-rich region, located east of Ukraine, on the southern border of Russia. Because of these long seven years, and because it is located in a region away from the “western glow” and, also, because Ukraine is dominated by the corrupt and bloodthirsty right-wing whose maintenance in power (not only in Ukraine) is of interest to the American empire, the world seems to have forgotten this tragedy that the people of Donbass are experiencing.

The reason for the war was the separation of the oblasti (meaning regions, in Russian, equivalent to our member states) from Donestk and Lugansk who proclaimed their independence from Ukraine, calling themselves popular republics and joined in a confederation, the Konfederatyvnaya Respublika Novorosiya ( Confederative Republic of Novarussia) or Soyúz Naródnij Respúblick (Union of the Popular Republics).

Donbass’s independence emerged as a reaction to the oligarchic and neo-Nazi coup that took place in Kiev and, to a large extent, encouraged by the local cells of the Communist Party and the Progressive Socialist Party, both from Ukraine, defeating the Party of the Region that supported the coup. perpetrated in Kiev.

The Minsk agreements reduced the scale of the war. But it was a hypocritical reduction because Ukraine, dominated by the neo-Nazis, would repeatedly break these agreements and invest against the rebellious people of Donbass, destroying houses, factories, Donestk airport, schools, universities and, of course, killing children, women, the elderly and military.

However, this situation tends to change for the worse.

Ukraine has long been preparing for a major offensive aimed at the military and political defeat of the Donbass rebels.

Indeed, with the support of the United States and some of its allies, Ukraine has a plan to strengthen its army to take the People’s Republics by storm.

In 2019, according to the ABC News website, the Trump administration approved the sale of $ 39 million worth of “defensive” lethal weapons to Ukraine. It also approved the sum of 400 million dollars to be used in military assistance to Ukraine. Part of this warmongering package is the delivery of Javalin anti-tank weapons, 150 missiles and two missile launching platforms (check out

Ukraine, too, bought Bayraktar drones from Turkey that made a “success” in the Azerbaijan war with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh (see

As if that were not enough, on March 3 this year, already in the Biden administration, it was announced by Euro News that the Pentagon approved a $ 125 million military aid package for Ukraine, which includes military training, equipment and consultancy to, according to the United States, help Kiev to preserve the country’s territorial integrity, protect its borders and improve its links with NATO.

“This action reaffirms the United States’ commitment to providing lethal defensive weapons to enable Ukraine to defend itself effectively against Russian aggression. We obviously continue to encourage Ukraine to continue implementing reforms to modernize the defense sector, in line with NATO principles and standards, ”said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby (see

With Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House, Washington promises to make Ukraine one of its foreign policy priorities, which implies increasing tension with Russia.

On March 11 of this year, the website Conflicts and Wars published an analysis by military specialist Oleksiy Valyuzhenich, which divided Ukraine’s current military pretensions into two phases: the first would consist of using drones to locate and destroy land defense lines and Donbass anti-aircraft defenses. The second phase would consist of using tanks supported by airplanes to invade and militarily occupy popular republics (see and also at, this one in the Greek language, but with an English translation).

Faced with this situation, the President of the People’s Republic of Donestk, Denis Pushilin, stated: “tensions have increased in the contact line due to external and internal factors in recent days. External factors include President Biden of the United States who had a direct influence on “Maidan” and the overthrow of the government in Ukraine. The internal reasons are the difficult economic situation and the political crisis in Ukraine ”.

He added: “The attempt to resolve the Donbass conflict by force will be tantamount to suicide for Ukraine” ( -a-factor-behind-donbass-conflict-escalation.html).

Popular republics are rapidly calling for military conscription of people, according to their laws, which can serve in the armed forces (see, is in Russian, with English translation).

Russia is trying to calm the mood by suggesting that Ukraine negotiate, directly with the People’s Republics, an end to the conflict. But that does not matter to Ukraine, which demands the reintegration of Donbass territories to the country.

But Russia will not be able to abandon the Donbass rebels because, in the first place, if it does, it will jeopardize the integration of Crimea into Russian territory since if Donbass returns to Ukraine, Crimea could also be claimed. Afterwards, militarily, it is important for Russia to have, on its border, a country independent of Ukraine, since an eventual invasion of Ukraine to Russia would first have to pass through an invasion of Donbass, if the plan is to invade Russia across the border south of Putin’s country.

Now we have to ask ourselves: what does the American empire want? Answer: a war against Russia. But, not a direct war – USA vs. Russia. It is a war that the Americans call a “proxy war”. In other words, the American war against Russia will have a “proxy” to make the war, Ukraine.

However, a direct conflict between Ukraine and Russia would inevitably lead to a worldwide conflict, in view of the alliance policies, mainly military, of these countries.

Imagine a world war when the world is suffering from the ill effects of a pandemic.

In the 1914-1918 war, the Spanish Flu emerged, a pandemic that decimated thousands of lives, including in Brazil, so far, geographically, from the scene of that war.

A world war these days, combined with the pandemic that defeats us, what will it do to Humanity?


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